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Do you want to request a mini loan immediately? You can request a mini-loan easily and quickly online via the website of the providers Zaloan and Eicredit. After applying for a mini loan, it is often processed on the same day. You will generally receive a response from the provider within 24 hours. With an agreement, the money is already in your bank account within 24 hours. This makes a mini loan ideal for people who want to borrow a small amount of money quickly. Once you have received your salary, it can easily and quickly repay your mini loan through Ideal. On this page you will find an overview of reliable mini-loan providers and an explanation about applying for a mini-loan

Request a mini-loan online


The providers of mini-loans work exclusively online and it does not work like a bank at a location. If you are applying for a mini-credit for the first time, you can borrow a maximum of 400 euros. After that it is possible to borrow up to a maximum of 1500 euros. On the website you can easily choose an amount that you want to borrow and a desired term. You can then make a request by following four simple steps and you will need a number of details and documents.

  1. Create account & provide personal information
  2. Color copy of your ID or photo via webcam is possible
  3. Pass on the guarantor or use an external guarantor
  4. Verify your bank account with a € 0.01 transfer

Your application was then passed on and is often processed on the same day by the mini-loan providers. If your small loan has been approved, you can repay the loan via Ideal within the set repayment period.

Zaloan or Balance dip?

Zaloan and Eicredit are the only providers of a small short-term loan. These lenders fall under the same provider and offer almost the same service. You can borrow a loan from € 100 to € 1500 from both providers. Zaloan also offers a Plus account. You can repay a higher amount in installments. You can easily request a mini-loan for both Zaloan and Balance dip. After your application you will be assessed on your guarantor and after approval the amount can be in your account within 24 hours. You can easily and quickly request a mini-loan at Zaloan or Eicredit within 10 minutes.

Reliable providers

Reliable providers


We only select providers who provide mini-loans in a manner that complies with European and Dutch legislation. It is good to know that a mini-loan from various lenders has a different name. One provider, for example, calls it a mini credit and another again flash credit. At Zaloan, it is simply called a mini loan, but the name Plus loan has also been chosen for loans that involve a slightly higher amount. Also with Eicredit it is simply called a Mini Loan, although there the names are called Flash Loan, Emergency Loan, Short Run Credit and Microcredit. Regardless of the name, such a mini-loan is of course a great choice if you need money in the short term and if it concerns a small amount. With most lenders, after your loan application has been approved, the desired amount is deposited into your bank account within one business day.

How much can you borrow with a mini loan

How much can you borrow with a mini loan


You can borrow 100 euros, borrow 200 euros, borrow 300 euros, borrow 400 euros, borrow 500 euros, borrow 600 euros, borrow 700 euros, borrow 800 euros, borrow 900 euros, borrow 1000 euros, borrow 1100 euros, borrow 1200 euros, Borrow 1300 euros, borrow 1400 euros and up to a maximum amount of 1500 euros. Here you can choose a lead time of 15, 30, 45 days to 62 days. The amount of a mini loan also determines the term of the loan. You usually pay a mini loan of 100 euros within 15 days, while paying a loan of 1500 euros can take 62 days. A mini loan is therefore quickly paid off, in contrast to a personal loan or revolving credit where the loan is paid off over a longer period.



With a mini loan you have money in your account quickly. This must be repaid within a certain time. This can of course be done easily and quickly by means of internet banking or Ideal. This period is also referred to as the term or the payment term of a mini loan. The following repayment period applies to Zaloan and Eicredit:

  • 15 days
  • 30 days
  • 45 days
  • 62 days

How quickly does a mini-loan arrive on my account?

Do you need money quickly and is your mini loan urgent? After approval and approval, you can request the fastest loan from Zaloan. It can be transferred to your account within 24 hours. This is therefore the fastest way to take out mini-credit. Keep in mind that certain banks have a longer processing time, this is on average a number of working days. It is best to ask your bank how long it takes before the money is on it. Ideal if you are tight this month and need a little something extra. You can repay the loan within a few days or weeks and you still have money immediately.

What are the conditions for being eligible for a mini loan?

What are the conditions for being eligible for a mini loan?


Most lenders have established a number of conditions. You must meet this to be eligible for a mini loan (also without a BKR review ). These conditions are stated on the websites of the providers, such as Zaloan and Eicredit. When applying, you must have proof of your income, such as a copy of your payslip. A guarantor can also be a solution. You must also be able to upload a copy of your ID or make a 1 cent verification payment from your bank account so that the lender can properly establish your identity.

The following conditions generally apply:

  • Living in the Netherlands
  • Dutch nationality
  • Between 21 and 70 years old
  • Possibly a proof of income such as a recent bank statement

What are the costs associated with a mini loan?

What are the costs associated with a mini loan?


This depends on the size of your loan, the term of the loan and the annual percentage rate (APR). You can view the costs in the table. Here it mainly depends on whether you have a guarantor. This is a person you know who wants to guarantee you. If you do not have this, you can pay an external party to guarantee you. However, this entails high costs. You can view the costs of the loan and guarantor below.

Amount To pay back Duration Guarantor *
€ 100 € 100.53 / € 101.08 15 days / 30 days € 10.89 / € 21.00
€ 200 € 201.07 / € 202.16 15 days / 30 days € 22.45 / € 43.00
€ 300 € 301.61 / € 303.24 15 days / 30 days € 34.12 / € 64.00
€ 400 € 404.32 30 days € 86.00
€ 500 € 505.41 / € 508.13 30 days / 45 days € 110.00 / € 166.65
€ 600 € 609.76 / € 609.61 45 days / 62 days € 194.25 / € 282.58
€ 700 € 711.39 45 days € 225.65
€ 800 € 813.02 / € 813.02 45 days / 62 days € 258.87 / € 361.16
€ 900 € 913.59 45 days € 270.80
€ 1000 € 1,015.02 / € 1,016.43 45 days / 62 days € 280.20 / € 441.69
€ 1100 € 1,118.29 62 days € 480.12
€ 1200 € 1,219.84 62 days € 528.50
€ 1300 € 1,321.70 62 days € 569.50
€ 1400 € 1,423.25 62 days € 615.90
€ 1500 € 1,525.11 62 days € 658.78

* The costs if you do not have a personal guarantor.




Once your salary has been paid, you can immediately repay the mini-loan and you are debt-free again. When taking out a loan it is very important that you are sure that you can indeed repay the loan amount within the agreed period. This is because extra costs are always added if you are unable to pay off a loan on time, whether it is a mini loan, personal loan, revolving credit or mortgage. This makes the total debt higher and making repayment even more difficult. You could even get into financial difficulties as a result of which you may be faced with collection agencies and bailiffs.

Please note that one main rule applies when taking out a loan, namely, be wise. Can you pay the amount of money within the agreed period? Then borrowing money every now and then is a lifesaver! Are you unable to repay the amount of money within the agreed period or are you unsure? Then do not use a loan, because there are additional costs involved. If you get into financial problems as a result, it can even lead to collection agencies in the most extreme case. You must prevent this at all times, because borrowing money costs money.



In most cases you must also have someone who guarantees you, a so-called guarantor. If you are unable to do so, there is often the option of using a guarantor affiliated with the lender. However, there are the additional costs involved.




There are several ways to borrow a small amount in addition to a small loan. Mini loans are only possible up to an amount of 1500 euros. Are you looking for a loan for a larger amount? Then in most cases you end up with a credit card or revolving credit. You can request loans in this form from your bank, but you can also easily apply for these loans online and take out them with Bankate, for example. Bankate offers a revolving credit from € 1500. Via these two alternatives it is possible to borrow a small amount via a credit card or a revolving credit. You can use a small amount of the total loan for this.

Personal loan or revolving credit

Are you looking for a sum greater than 1500 euros? Then a personal loan or revolving credit from, for example, Bankate may be the outcome. You can request a mini loan from Bankate from 1500 euros. Here, a low maximum amount is not determined, as with Zaloan. The amount of your mini loan depends on your income. The advantage of a mini-loan application with Bankate is that you can request a quote free of charge and without obligation. Based on your data, they can offer the most suitable and cheapest mini-loan.



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